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Smiley-Cox, Danville, IL 1987

1. d4, Nf6

2. c4, g6

3. Nc3, d5

The Gruenfeld Defense. The Gruenfeld combines tactical elements of the Kings Indian along with the solidity of the Queens Gambit Declined. The Gruenfeld offers tactical opportunities especially along the a1-h8 long diagnol, offers plenty of piece play and makes no structural concessions. Black allows white to gain a strong pawn center and hopes to undermine and explode the center with advantage. If he fails the white center will slowly crush black.

4. Nf3, Bg7

5. Qb3

The is the Russian system. This is our second Gruenfeld, I lost the first.


Black surrenders the center in order to counter-attack against it.

6. Qxc4, 0-0

7. e4

White has two strong central pawns along with centralized development of his pieces. The center is strong but it is also a target for blacks pieces from the flanks. This concept was developed during the revolutionary "hypermodern" era of chess in the 1920's.


Boleslavky's move. My opponent went into a long think here. He must have been expecting the more common 7...Bg4 the Smyslov variation, or 7...Na6 the Prins Variation as played by Kasparov.

8. Bf4, b5

This was Boleslavky's plan of queenside expansion, white must be careful since he must watch out for ...b4 undermining the knights defense of e4.

9. Qc5?!

The early development of the queen might be considered a drawback to the Russian system. Smiley's move leaves the Queen exposed. Safer was 9. Qb3 or 9. Qd3


I took a deep think before playing this move. My tactic is not at all obvious. White now sees that he can win a pawn by force but fails to realize just how poisonous that pawn truly is.

10. Bxb8, Rxb8

11. Qxc6?!

(On 11. Qxa7?, b4! 12. Ne2, Nxe4 is very strong for black. Here the Boleslavsky plan is realized quickly.)


Only now does he realize that his intended 12. Bxb5 is refuted by...Bd7! winning a piece for black.

12. Qc5

To give whites Queen an escape square via g5. On 12. Nd2, Qb4! 13. Nb3, Rfc8 with a strong attack for black.


The point of all of blacks previous play. The white center has been destroyed. The tide quickly turns now.

13. Qc6, Bf5

14. Rc1

Anticipating ...Rfc8


Setting up a mating net.

15. Rc2

This ugly moves demonstrates how bad whites position has become.


16. Qd5, Nxc3

17. Rxc3, Rxc3

18. bxc3, Qxc3+

19. Kd1

(On 19. Ke2 comes 19...Bd3+ 20. Kd1, Qc1#)


20. Resigns.

After 20. Ke2, Qd3+ 21. Ke1, Qd1#